Hortons Outdoor lighting solutions not only enhance the security of your property, but also the beauty, and increases the amount of time you spend outdoors. The added value to your property is always a welcome bonus.

By illuminating any side of the house that would otherwise be in shadow you will increase the safety and security of your house. Do your part conserve energy. Install a motion or heat-sensitive control that will switch on the light only if someone approaches that side of the house. An automatic timer can control a portion of your outdoor lights to turn off at a certain hour, while basic security lights can be left on through the night. Another proven safety measure is to use timers on interior lights to make you appear home even when your not.

Night Lighting Tip - Prevent unwanted glare from your outdoor lighting by using use bulbs with reasonable illumination levels. You may also use full cut-off fixtures to direct the light downwards at the ground, where it is needed, rather than being cast to the night sky.