Issue No. 48, July 2014

Turn your grilling space into an outdoor living and entertaining room.

Outdoor Oasis

Whether you are having a few friends over for a weekend barbecue or taking a staycation around the pool, the right lighting can make all the difference between simply cooking out and feeling like you are relaxing resort style.

For example, turn your deck or patio into an outside living room by adding task lighting and accent lighting. Perhaps install a pendant or chandelier overhead and sconces close to tables and chairs. For additional ambiance, add lighting near plants, in trees and as edging around the pool. Provide task lighting in the grill area, but choose a fixture with a metal shade, to avoid adding too much glare.

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Night Light

Lighting an outdoor room can be economical and easy, and creates a safer space for guests. Here are some tips:

  • Add lights around steps, walkways and doors.
  • Consider an automated control system that turns on lights with a timer, and allows the light levels to be adjusted from both inside and outside.
  • Add uplights to create a drama factor in your garden. Good places are against unique plants or in interesting trees.
  • When possible, incorporate solar-powered fixtures.

Style Starter

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