The kids are back in school and the homework is back at home. This year, try to create a dedicated homework station to help your kids stay organized and feeling in control.

To set your student up with a station, start with these tips:

  • Set up a small desk in a corner for a sense of seclusion and walls to mount document organizers.
  • Put a whiteboard with cork board sides on one station wall to keep a to-do list and reminders.
  • Use colorful cups to organize pens, pencils, markers and more.
  • Construct a cube-based organizer and keep small baskets in each compartment to keep subjects and outstanding homework separated.
  • Add a small desk light to reduce eyestrain and add character.

You can also extend the school-themed organization throughout the house:

  • Add sturdy hooks near the front door to keep backpacks and lunch boxes all in one place.
  • Buy small, personal calendars to record each family member’s schedule and to-do items. Keep these all in the same area, like on the refrigerator or near the door.
  • Create prizes and rewards for keeping the areas tidy and completing all their work.

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