If that flickering light is starting to drive you mad, it is time to replace your old light bulbs. But what can you do with the dead light bulbs when you’re done? Check out these fun DIY crafts to turn old light bulbs into cute home decorations.

Start by removing the wire from your old light bulb, leaving just the empty glass and screw. Once that’s done, there are numerous crafts you can make with your empty light bulb.

• Lightbulb Vase – Glue the glass end of your light bulb to a flat surface such as a painted wood panel or decorative plate so the screw is sticking straight up. Remove the electrical foot contact (or the little nub sticking out of the screw) so there is an opening to the inside of the light bulb. Add water and flowers and you now have a nifty new vase.

• Backyard decorations – If you’re feeling extra crafty, consider turning your old light bulbs into some fun outdoor decorations. With a little bit of glass spray paint, copper wire, and pliers, you’ll be on your way to making some cute insect decorations! Wrap the wire around the base of your spray painted light bulb to hold it in place and add wire legs sticking out to create a realistic insect craft.

• Gift Wrap – Run out of gift boxes and bags? No need to worry, if your gift is small, then you can easily transform your old light bulbs into a nifty gift holder. Unscrew the base of the light bulb, add your gift to the inside, rescrew and top it off with some decorative ribbon and a tag.

• Festive Ornaments – Any holiday can use a little crafty touch. Recycle old light bulbs into ornaments that reflect any holiday. With pink glitter, sticker hearts, and twine, you can make fun ornaments to hang around your home for Valentine’s Day. During the winter months, use white, black, and orange paint to make happy snowmen or penguins.

Whatever you decide to do with your old light bulbs, there is always a fun craft awaiting you.

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