With June now upon us, you’re likely looking forward to warmer weather and more time spent outside. We’ve written before about outdoor lighting and how you can create the perfect ambiance for your backyard parties, but at Hortons Home Lighting, we’re always excited to offer tips and advice on how you can improve the exterior of your home. If you’re planning to host summertime parties this year, then find your new lighting today!

Late-Night Gatherings

If you have kids, then you probably aren’t able to sit down and relax until after they’ve gone to bed for the night. This may not be until after the sun has gone down, which means it’s the same situation for your friends who also have little ones. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, then chances are people aren’t going to arrive until after their babysitter has arrived and the little ones are tucked into bed.

With the proper exterior and landscape lighting, you can make sure the party keeps going, even after the sun has gone down. Friends and family who are over on a Friday or Saturday night may want to stay until well after sunset, and the right lighting can keep them awake and engaged.

The Perfect Atmosphere

You may have a beautiful yard with immaculate landscaping, and you enjoy having people over while the sun is shining. However, you may also feel that your home’s exterior truly comes alive once the sun has set and the landscape lighting comes on for the evening. The lights on your deck, around your pool, and in other areas of your yard should create the perfect atmosphere – one that offers an enticing invite to guests as they arrive. When people can see themselves relaxing by the pool or lounging underneath an outdoor chandelier from the moment they enter your yard, they’ll be more likely to stay for a longer period of time.

Automated Lighting

As the host of the party, you want to be attentive to people’s needs, making sure they have enough to eat and drink, and that they are comfortable while in your yard. You can’t be checking to see why a certain light hasn’t come on, or that the outdoor lights are set at the proper levels. With timers, sensors, and preset controls, you can automate your lighting so that it comes on at the right time and it’s at the proper level throughout the evening. With the right setting or the simple touch of a button, your lighting theme will illuminate, creating the atmosphere and ambiance that make for a perfect party.

If you’re looking for new outdoor lighting, then come to Hortons today. We have locations in La Grange, Chicago, and Orland Park, and the staff at each showroom can help you find the deck lights, garden lights, and everything else you need to create the ideal exterior lighting design. With a few simple updates, you can create an amazing backyard that people will love to visit every chance they get, no matter how late it is!