1. DECEMBER 2009: When it Comes to Good Lighting, the Future is Now

    Imagine not having to change a light bulb for years. There are LED products available in 2010 that will make frequent light bulb changes so 20th century. The term LED immediately conjures up images of traffic signals, brake lights and headlights on luxury cars, and indicator lights on appliances. That is about to change. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), lighting manufacturers …Read More

  2. OCTOBER 2009: Company’s Coming! Simple Lighting Tips to Dazzle Holiday Guests

    It's that time of year when driving around the neighborhood at night can seem almost magical. How do some homes manage to look so inviting inside and out during the holidays, while others seem to be suffering from the winter blahs? Believe it or not, lighting can make all the difference – and it doesn't have to break the budget. Try some of these techniques from the lighting pros to take your ho…Read More

  3. SEPTEMBER 2009: Spotlight on Beautiful Lighting

    Lighting Techniques that are Right on Track and on Budget If the mortgage crisis has you staying put for a few more years, there's an easy way to enhance your environment while adding value. Upgrading your recessed lighting or installing a track lighting system can brighten up any room; it's a technique that can make your space appear larger! This is not the track lighting from the 1960s and '70s,…Read More

  4. JUNE 2009: Ceiling Fans Save Energy All Year Long

    Gas and energy prices are rising again, and that means Americans must tighten their belts even further. You don't need to dread hot summer temps and high air conditioning bills when you have ceiling fans - your AC's best friend! If you already have fans in place, check to see whether they are Energy Star qualified. Ceiling fan/light combinations that have earned Energy Star® accreditation are abo…Read More

  5. MAY 2009: Three Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs This Summer

    Summertime brings fun in the sun, longer daylight hours, and one caveat: hotter temperatures means running the air conditioner and increased energy bills. The American Lighting Association (ALA) shares three easy solutions that budget-conscious households can use to immediately save money. 1. Read Your Labels Before you purchase another light bulb, lighting fixture or ceiling fan, look for the Ene…Read More

  6. MARCH 2009: How to Make Any Room Look Bigger

    Add a Sconce, Expand Your Space (ARA) - In this economy, no one can afford to knock down walls or put an addition on their homes. However, for considerably less money, any room can appear larger and look better with one or two strategically placed sconces. "As consumers move from buying new houses to remodeling their existing homes, wall sconces can be an attractive answer to consumers' lighting n…Read More