Marsala is the beautiful, deep red color that is reminiscent of a full glass of red wine. This stunning color can be easily incorporated into your interior design in three easy to apply, affordable steps.

1. Marsala Accessories

If you are interested in welcoming the Pantone Color of the Year into your home without the long-term commitment, a great way to dip your toe into the Marsala trend is with the use of accessories. This enables you to instantly add a pop of this lush, deep color into your room almost instantly. Throw pillows, paintings, candles and other accessories are easy to incorporate into your space. Blues, teals, and tans tend to pair well with this color and could also be added along with the Marsala accessories.

2. Marsala Highlights

Another way of adding Marsala to your home on a more permanent basis may be by adding a splash of paint to one of your accent walls. Another idea to consider would be to invest in Marsala drapes or window coverings. Adding an extravagant bed spread in this striking color would instantly change the “look & feel” of any bedroom.

3. Marsala Statements

A wonderful way to indulge in the Pantone Color of the Year is by investing in key pieces of furniture draped in this luxurious color. A Marsala couch would be an eye catching, alluring pop of color to any space. Adding a custom designed chandelier draped in this lavish color would instantly catch anyone’s eye the moment they step foot into the room.