Aluminum, Wicker, and Teak, Oh My! It seems like there are hundreds of different factors that go into choosing the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor seating area. Before choosing between a patio swing and an accent bench, you should decide which material is best for you.

Is Budget a Factor?

If you’re looking to stay on a budget, plastic, or aluminum patio furniture are best. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and relatively durable. They are great for family parties and BBQs and easy to take with you to the beach or the park. Additionally, their easy-to-clean factor makes them especially useful for kids. One thing to consider is that their lightness makes them likely to blow away if you live in a windy climate.

Looking for Charm?

If you want something a little bit heavier and aesthetically pleasing without breaking your budget, steel or wicker patio furniture are the right fit for you. Wicker, or resin, is great for adding a pinch of charm to the outside of your house. It’s more durable than plastic, yet still light weight. Wicker also tends to be very comfortable, strong, and beautiful. Steel is slightly heavier, making it very wind-resistant. It rarely ever rusts and withstands the ever-changing climates of the Midwest better than iron, making it easy to maintain.

Ready for an Investment?

If you feel like investing in patio furniture that will last for years and give you and your house guests the greatest amount of comfort, teak furniture is the way to go. The wooden look is very versatile, complimenting both modern and rustic styles. Although slightly difficult to maintain, teak is not too light nor too heavy and is weather-resistant. Because of the wood-like material, it doesn’t rust and rarely ever fades. It also goes great with a variety of different cushion colors and textures.

Brighten it Up!

Whether you choose plastic, wicker, or teak, an easy way to complete your patio set is by adding outdoor seating cushions or throw pillows to your chairs and benches. Make sure to look for waterproof cushions that tie to the furniture so they don’t blow away. Additionally, choosing different cushions and pillows that match the colors of the season is a great way to give your patio furniture a festive glow. Try green and pink for summer, or orange and red for fall. Solar lights and candles are also a great table centerpiece to make sure your guests see all of your beautiful patio furniture at night. If mosquitoes are ruining your comfortable patio, try placing a citronella candle in the center of your table to send pests in the other direction!

Whichever material you choose for your perfect patio furniture, the seasonal experts at Hortons know how to help.