Around this time last year, we wrote about creating a new lighting design for 2017. Now that 2017 is almost over, we felt that it was once again time to think about the lighting updates you want to make in the New Year. With 2018 only a little over a month away, now is the time to begin planning what you want to do in your home or business. At Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange, Chicago, and Orland Park, we can help you find the fixtures you need to make your new design a success!

Finish This Year’s Upgrades

Before you decide what you want to do in your house for next year, it can be a good idea to finish the upgrades you started this year. Did you buy new outdoor lights but never got around to having them installed? Do you pick out new wall sconces but you haven’t had the time to put them up? Even with the busy holiday season, it can be good to install your new lights (or hire someone to install them) so that you can check those updates off your list. This will create more room for new things on your list, and you won’t have to worry about those projects that have been hanging around for the last 12 months!

Deciding Which Rooms You Want to Focus On

We’ve touched on this idea before, but going room by room through your house can often be the best way to decide which areas need the most attention. Perhaps you added new floor and table lamps to your living room this year, so next year you want to focus on your master bathroom. New vanity lights above and around the mirror, as well as recessed lights above the tub can transform a tired old bathroom into a beautifully modern space.

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months designing a new home office. You’ve begun to transform a spare bedroom into a functional workspace, but all you have for lighting is a flush mount fixture on the ceiling and a floor lamp in the corner. You’ve moved the bed and the dresser out of the room and the desk and chair in, but now you need the light fixtures that are going to make the space perfect. A new ceiling fan with a light kit can provide the ambient light you need, and the right desk lamp will provide the task lighting that’s so integral to a home office. Track lights along the perimeter of the room will illuminate your new wall decor, and an updated lamp will make your reading spot much more cozy. If you’re starting a new business out of your house in 2018, a well-lit home office is a must!

The bathroom and home office are just two rooms in your house that can benefit from new lighting options. If you have ideas on how to make your kitchen better, or you finally want to create the perfect outdoor space, come to Hortons today. Our staff will help you find the best fixtures for every room inside (and outside) your house, and we’ll gladly answer any lighting-related questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon!