You most likely have lamps in every room of your house (except perhaps the kitchen and the bathroom), and they are an important part of your lighting design. You have floor lamps in the living room, table lamps in the bedroom, and a desk lamp in the office, but when was the last time you looked at the shades on each fixture? The design and style of your lampshades can have an impact on the look and feel of a room, and if your shades are a bit outdated, it might be time for an upgrade. At Hortons Lighting, we’d love to help you find the perfect options!

Size and Shape

The two most important factors of any lamp are size and shape. If you’re trying to make a room feel bigger, consider downsizing the shades to a smaller option so that they take up less space in the room (both physically and visually). If the lamp itself is larger, you’ll want to be sure to select a shade that’s comparable in size.

Color and Style

While the standard tan lampshade can work in certain instances, it may not be the best choice for your home. Matching the color to the trim and decor in your room can help you create a cohesive design that makes the room feel complete. The last thing you want are colors that clash or don’t complement each other.

For style, consider what the other decor in the room is like. Is it ornate with lots of curving lines, or is it minimalist with straight lines and a few simple colors? You’ll also want to look at the style of the lamp. Is it clear with decoration inside the glass, or is it plain with a symmetrical design? It’s possible to find multiple shade options for one lamp, and you’ll want to select one that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Shade Fittings

Anyone who’s ever taken a shade off a lamp has seen the type of fitting it has. It might be a regular bulb clip, a candle bulb clip, or a number of other options. It may clip onto the bulb, or it may sit on top of the fixture with a threaded fitter wire. It’s important to know which fitting your lamp needs, since the wrong choice will render the shade useless.

You’ll also want to consider the wattage of bulb your lamp uses, since that will determine what shades you can use. A high-wattage bulb can pose a hazard to some shades, and you’ll want to be sure the shade you choose has the proper rating. Our expert staff can answer all your questions regarding bulb and shade options.

Lamps provide additional light and a touch of design in any space, and if you’re thinking about updating your shades, visit Hortons today. We have locations in La Grange, Chicago, and Orland Park, and we would love to help you choose the perfect options.

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