Kitchens are not just for cooking and eating, most kitchens are truly the heart of the home. In more modern homes, the open concept kitchen has become common and allows for food prepping, eating, and entertaining family and guests. With the kitchen taking on more of a role in the home, kitchen lighting is key in allowing for it to feel welcoming, but also aid in the functionality aspect. This is done by layering different types of light in the space for the different activities that take place!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting or down lights are great for kitchens to ensure they are properly lit. These types of lights are a great foundation to ensure there are no shadows and the space is light enough for food prep and entertaining. Another tip to consider is to put these lights on a dimmer switches. When food prepping, it is important for the kitchen lighting to be task focused and very bright. On the other side of the spectrum, while entertaining, the ability to turn the lights down to create a soft glow is sure to create the ambiance you need.

Task Lighting

The next layer of lighting is the task lighting. In the kitchen, one area that needs additional lighting is under the cabinets. With the countertops being your main surface for food prep, having under-counter task lighting is great to ensure the upper cabinets don’t shadow the recessed lighting. Another great place for task lighting is inside pantries. With the shelves along pantry walls, adding additional lighting can help you when looking through.

Hanging Lights

The last layer is where you can incorporate your home’s style! When deciding on this light fixture, consider the size of the space as well as the location. Pendent lights and chandeliers can make a statement in kitchen lighting. If the space is small, such as over the sink or a small peninsula, choose smaller pendent lights that will add an eye-catching element. For larger kitchens with substantial islands, a chandelier could also be a great option to bring lighting and create visual interest in the space.

Keep in mind when deciding on the perfect kitchen lighting that there is such thing as too much light! Consult with one of our lighting experts at our showroom to understand how far apart recessed lighting should be and how large your lighting fixtures should be based on your room size and furniture!