1. Simple Exterior Lighting Upgrades for Spring

    Now that the first day of spring is here, hopefully warmer weather will stick around and you can spend more time outside. At Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange and Orland Park, we love helping people find the perfect outdoor lighting, especially as they work on improving their front and back yards. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your exterior lighting this spring, then here a few simple…Read More

  2. Get Your Exterior Lights Ready for the Winter Months

    October is nearly over, and with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving not far behind, Chicagoland residents know that winter will be here before you know it. When it comes to your outdoor lighting, there are few things you can do to get your fixtures ready for the colder months of the year. At Hortons Home Lighting, we can help you find replacement fixtures, bulbs, and other options t…Read More

  3. Fall is Nearly Here – Is Your Lighting Ready?

    August is nearly over, and that means that fall isn’t too far away. You’ve most likely noticed the days getting shorter over the past few weeks, and with the sun setting a few minutes earlier each day, it can often mean that you’re spending more time inside with the lights on. At Hortons Home Lighting, we want to make sure that your lighting is ready for fall and winter, and if you’re look…Read More

  4. Is Your Yard Ready for Spring?

    While it may only be the beginning of February, and Chicagoland is still experiencing winter weather, your mind might be on spring and what it will be like to sit outside again. You may have grand plans for your front and back yards, and there’s no better time than now to begin thinking about the decor and lighting you want to add. At Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange, we can help you choose ne…Read More

  5. Feel at home in your new house

    Moving into a new home is exciting! Check out these great tips for make your new house feel a little homier. Colors and patterns are a new home’s best friend. Personalize your new house with your own unique style. Add colorful paintings or pillows and rugs with interesting patterns that reflect your style and make your home feel more like yours. Don’t forget to paint the walls to match your be…Read More

  6. Make your porch a functional living space

    The porch is a great outdoor living area that has become less and less appreciated these days. Whether you’re looking for a space to host a small get-together or a spot that you can unwind and enjoy the summer weather, your porch is a prime living space ripe for the taking. Find the perfect chair. Some of the best parts about having a porch is lounging around in a comfortable rocking chair or po…Read More

  7. How to make the most of your summer at home

    While summer vacations can be lots of fun, they are also a real wallet breaker. If you don’t have a large budget for activities to do this summer, don’t worry. Living in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs offers plenty of fun inspiration to make your home the best place for a staycation this summer. Explore the local happenings in your community. Flea markets are a fun activity to discover wi…Read More