Four styles dominate lighting design in 2016.

Your home is an expression of who you are and is meant to be a haven for family and friends. To create your special place, consider the four most popular 2016 lighting trends:

• Unexpected shapes. New and unusual designs turn standard fixtures into statement pieces.
• Industrial style. Equal parts vintage and modern come together with charming character.
• Modern glamour. Today’s toned-down crystal fixtures work equally well in classic and contemporary spaces.
• Smart controls. High-tech apps and hands-free switches are changing the way our homes look and function.

UNEXPECTED SHAPES: Graphic-inspired looks push new boundaries.

While each of the top lighting trends is covered in a new video from the American Lighting Association (ALA) and Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G), here’s a closer look at unexpected shapes.

Technology has made it easier for designers to create pendants, sconces and chandeliers that push horizontal and vertical boundaries. Slim, flat fixtures evoke a contemporary attitude and showcase the versatility of LED technology. Geometric designs feature circles, squares, rectangles and hexagons with exposed bulbs that highlight each fixture’s graphic shape. And sputnik-style chandeliers embrace the eclecticism of mid-century, modern style.

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