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Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange and Orland Park offers a wide range of pendant lighting options to enhance the style and ambiance of any space. Pendant lighting is a versatile and stylish lighting solution that can be used in various rooms, including kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. With our extensive selection and expert advice, Hortons Home Lighting is the go-to destination for pendant lighting in the area. Shop today.

Types of Pendant Lighting

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Tips to Choose Pendant Lighting

Consider the purpose: Think about the purpose of the pendant lighting in the room. Is it for ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting? This will help determine the type of pendant and the level of brightness required.


Height and placement: Take into account the height of the ceiling and the placement of the pendant. For higher ceilings, consider longer pendant cords or chains to ensure the light is properly positioned. Also, be mindful of the height at which the pendant is installed, ensuring it's at an appropriate level for the functionality and aesthetic of the space.

Lighting direction: Consider the direction of the light emitted by the pendant. Do you want a downward-focused light or a more diffuse and ambient glow? This will depend on the purpose and desired effect in the room.


Bulb type and wattage: Determine the type of bulb that the pendant lighting requires and consider the wattage. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting options. Also, check if the pendant allows for dimmable bulbs if you desire adjustable lighting levels.


Style consistency: Ensure that the style of the pendant lighting aligns with the overall décor and theme of the room. It should complement the existing elements and enhance the overall aesthetic.


Size and proportion: Take into account the size and scale of the pendant relative to the room and furniture. A larger pendant can make a bold statement in a larger room, while smaller pendants can create a more intimate and delicate ambiance.


Lighting Styles

In terms of trends in pendant lighting, there are several popular styles gaining popularity. One trend is the use of mixed materials, such as combining metal and wood or glass and concrete, to create a unique and modern look. Another trend is the incorporation of geometric shapes and patterns in pendant designs, adding a contemporary and artistic touch to the space. Additionally, the use of oversized, statement pendants as focal points in rooms is also on the rise.



Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your dining area or create a cozy ambiance in your bedroom, pendant lighting from Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange and Orland Park is a fantastic choice. With our extensive selection, expert advice, and commitment to customer satisfaction, our local lighting store is the premier destination for pendant lighting in the area. Visit our local lighting showroom to explore our collection and find the perfect pendant lighting solution for your home or business.


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