Effective home lighting design and landscape lighting ideas help make a home both comfortable and functional. When your home is properly lit, it should feel like a warm, welcoming space while providing the illumination required to socialize, relax and be productive. And when compared with more costly home improvement projects, the addition of quality lighting and modern ceiling fans is an affordable way to enhance your living area.

Home Lighting Design Tips

If you’re tired of the cheap, no-frills fixtures typically installed by home builders, remember that there are many ways to get the most out of your home lighting–without overstepping your budget.

  • Select a combination of ceiling-mounted lights, portable lights and wall-mounted fixtures to ensure that each room is lit from a variety of levels. This helps minimize shadows, highlight artwork and ensure that task areas are optimally lit. Remember to incorporate landscape lighting ideas into your project plans, as well, so your home’s exterior is welcoming and secure.
  • Consider recessed can lighting. Cans are a low-profile, economical way to light every room–and they offer a clean, clutter-free look by blending into otherwise-unusable ceiling space.
  • Install dimmers on your overhead lights and modern ceiling fans. Dimmers are handy, inexpensive home lighting design tools that allow you to adjust brightness based on time of day, or create a mood in bedrooms and living areas. Dimming your lights will also save energy by increasing light bulb lifespan.

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