Home theater lighting equipment enriches your entertainment space, improving its ambiance, functionality and character. While most home theater environments are designed to be dimmer than other rooms, they need adequate lighting since they’re often built without windows or other natural illumination.

Types of Home Theater Lighting

Several common fixtures are used in home theater lighting. They include:

  • Three-way bulbs: These lights can be easily connected to a dimmer light switch, allowing them to provide adjustable light based on your needs. When using your home theater for social gatherings, three-way bulbs can be fully illuminated.
  • Wall sconces: Affordable and simple to install, wall sconces can line the walls of your home theater to create a glow that’s soft, but not distracting.
  • Recessed lighting fixtures: Adding contemporary sophistication to your entertainment space, recessed can lights are flush with the ceiling. And because of their streamlined design, recessed lighting fixtures work well for rooms designed with low ceilings.
  • Floor lamps: While floor lamps are not often found in dedicated home theater spaces, they are a good option when your room doubles as a family living space. Those comfortable with lighting technology can also install a dimmer light switch on their favorite standing lamp, making it more versatile.

Additional Home Theater Lighting Tips

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