dreamstime_xxl_12656708The kitchen is a unique space within a home, as it functions not only as a place to cook and eat delicious meals, it also serves as a family gathering area and the spot where old friends catch up over a cup of coffee. It’s where you go for a midnight snack when you can’t sleep, and where the kids stay up late finishing their homework on a Sunday night. In order for your kitchen to be as functional and inviting as possible, it’s imperative to have the right lighting design. At Hortons in La Grange, we can help you achieve the perfect design!

The Kitchen Sink

You might feel like you spend the majority of your time in the kitchen at the sink, washing dishes or preparing vegetables, and having the right lighting can make those tasks much easier. A bright recessed fixture will focus light on the sink, helping you see that you’ve removed every spot from each dish, or that the carrots have been properly washed.

The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island can be where the most activity happens, from Saturday morning breakfasts to late-night study sessions. Depending on the size of the island, two or three pendant lights or an island fixture can provide adequate light for whatever’s happening at the moment.

The Breakfast Nook

Your kitchen may not have an island, but instead there is a breakfast nook nestled into one corner. There are most likely a few windows in this area, so bright light isn’t always necessary, except for after the sun has set. Depending on the height of the ceiling over the nook, a flush or semi-flush fixture can provide plenty of light when necessary. Pendant and other hanging lights aren’t always best here, since people will be standing and sitting, and could potentially bump them if they hang too low.

If you’re searching for new kitchen lights in the Chicago area, come to Hortons today. We have countless fixture options, and our lighting experts can help you discover the perfect design and layout for your home!

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