If you’re a builder or a general contractor, then you’re used to working with all kinds of homeowners, from those who trust your process to those who ask questions and monitor your progress every step of the way. At Hortons Home Lighting, we can help you find the perfect lighting for your projects, no matter if you’re building a new home or renovating an existing property.

New Construction

New construction projects can be very exciting, but they can also be very stressful, especially if you’re the builder. You’re tasked with working with the homeowner to make sure that they are aware of what the building timeline is, what needs to be done next, and what changes may need to be made to the plans. From the initial design to the electrical walkthrough, Hortons can be there to make sure you have access to amazing products and helpful advice.

Renovation Projects

If you’re a renovation contractor, then your job is to take a homeowner’s vision of what they want their house to look like and turn it into a reality. When it comes to lighting, your clients may be picky, or they may not know at all what they want. By working with our showroom, you can provide plenty of options, and we’ll gladly explain the design and efficiency benefits of each fixture that you choose. Be sure to also ask about any contractor discounts that could help you and your clients save on new lighting!

Amazing New Lighting

At Hortons, we love helping builders, contractors, interior designers, and other tradespeople find amazing new lighting for their clients. If you’re starting a new project, or your progress has halted because of an issue with the lighting, then please visit one of our three locations today. With stores in La Grange, Chicago, and Orland Park, you can find a team that is ready to help you however you need.

We look forward to meeting you!