3 Ways to Stage Your Home

Mar 16th 2017 Staff

It’s that time of year again and homes are quickly popping back up on the market to prepare for the spring buying and selling madness. If you are in the midst of this process and looking to impress potential buyers, here are some easy and cost effective tips to make your home stand out from the rest.

The first thing that any home seller should do when putting their house on the market is to pack up their belongings early. Clearing away junk, knick-knacks, and personal items allows home buyers to actually imagine themselves living there with their own things. Also, unkempt storage areas like garages and basements can be a turn-off to viewers who do not want to see clutter while looking at a home.

Paint is any home sellers best friend. Paint is one of the simplest fixes to make your home pop. Paint is the perfect cover up for peeling and smudges. Using bright neutral colors like whites and creams will brighten your home, reflect light from windows, and give off a clean appeal. A fresh coat of paint is sure to impress home buyers, and it is cost effective too!

The last and most vital way to make your home pop in the eyes of potential buyers is to stage your home. This doesn’t mean accessorizing with your favorite trinkets and family pictures. Staging your home means making your home look homey and relatable to buyers. You can do this with contemporary rugs, fashionable throw blankets and pillows, unique lighting fixtures, tasteful art pieces, adding a bouquet of flowers, etc. Keep it simple but make your home look lived in so buyers will come knocking at your door!

Don’t be left in the dust while trying to sell your home, spruce it up with these easy home staging options.

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