5 Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Jan 24th 2018 Staff

There is more to home lighting than style and wattage. When selecting lighting for your home, it is important to choose the fixtures that are going to compliment your home’s style, ensure there is enough light, and set the perfect mood based on the space. Before purchasing the fixture you’ve had your eye on, consider these five mistakes homeowners make when selecting light fixtures in their home.

Wrong Size Light Fixture

When deciding on lighting, it is important to measure first and buy last! Understanding your room’s size and what lighting will be above or next to the new light fixture is essential to ensure the light fixture looks proportionate with the room. Keep in mind; the size of the light fixture when browsing the Hortons Home Lighting showroom is going to feel smaller than it will in your home. Don’t be afraid to bring in a tape measure, or ask for help from our lighting experts to guarantee the size you choose will look perfect in your home.

Accidental Shadows

Light fixtures placed in the incorrect location can cause harsh shadows and provide insufficient lighting for the space. For example, if recessed lighting in the kitchen is spaced incorrectly, the cabinets can create shadows on your countertop space. Adding additional lighting such as under counter task lighting can help with this common issue. In living spaces, too much furniture can create harsh shadows; place task lighting such as floor lamps near large pieces of furniture to keep your main living spaces bright.

Dimmers and Extra Switches

When installing lights, be sure to not install all light fixtures on a single switch for a large room. The ability to turn on the lights only when they are needed will help save energy and allow you to layer lights for different times of the day. Dimmer switches also allow for you to set the ambiance at your home based on occasion.

Lack of Task Lighting

Task lighting is often forgot due to the focus being on the overhead lighting. Selecting floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, and sconces can help to lighten up smaller spaces like near a reading chair or next to the couch. This also provides additional options if you don’t need as much during different times of the day.

Temperature of Lighting

When selecting a bulb, keep in mind the temperature of the lighting. Consider wall color, what the room will be used for, and mood of the space to help you decide whether the lighting needs to be cool or warm. For example, if the room is for relaxing and entertaining, warm soft light is best, but for bathrooms and offices a cooler light can help energize you and provide additional visibility. Keep in mind how different temperatures will work with the paint color as well.

Whether you’re remodeling, updating, or building, making the best choices for lighting is sure to set the tone for each room of your home. Stop into the Hortons Home Lighting showroom to speak with our lighting experts and find the best light fixture for your space!

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