5 Ways to Use Lighting to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Jul 28th 2017 Staff

Is a new addition on your home out of the question? Believe it or not, there are actually many ways to make the inside of your home feel bigger without adding on any square footage. Your home lighting design can play a big role in how big your room feels. Here are 5 ways to use lighting to make your room have the open concept of your dreams.

1. Long Lighting

There’s nothing more stylish than a cool, modern floor lamp. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and designs. When you use a tall lamp, you create the illusion of taller ceilings because the lamp is able to spread light over a greater amount of distance. By spreading the light around, you create the illusion of more space. You can also add dow light such as a thin pendant light to make the best use of your home’s vertical space and draw the eye up. If your room is sparse, try a large statement lamp in a corner to give your space a pop!

2. Track Lighting

Using a track light in your home is popular again. Not only are these little lights stylish, but they allow for light to hit almost every corner of a room. By spreading the light around your space, track lights can help your room feel bigger. They are especially great for expanding corridors or narrow spaces like hallways. Our new systems offer a softer glow than years before as well, meaning less strain on your eyes.

3. Lampshade

Small lampshades are key. They take up less space as well as make the most of your vertical space in a room. Try picking a neutral lampshade that matches the colors and styles of your room to make the lighting feel more natural. Pick a gentle texture like silk to give your room a softer look. Additionally, light colors usually help a room feel more open.

4. Light Variance

One of the simplest lighting tricks to make a room feel bigger is to vary light brightness and direction in a space. Try pairing recessed lighting on your walls with a bright floor lamp to give your space some drama. Additionally, aim your track lights in different directions to help fully illuminate a room or hallway. The more space your lights cover, the bigger your room will feel!

5. Mirrors

If you already have your home lighting game down to a science, mirrors are a great way to utilize those lights to make a room feel bigger. Start by placing a large mirror on the wall across from either a picture window or the majority of your lighting. When the light reflects off of the mirror, it gives the illusion of more space. As a rule of thumb, try to make sure your lights aren’t pointed directly at the mirror to avoid light bouncing off into someone’s eyes.

To start making your room feel bigger, you need a lighting store you can trust. Let Hortons be the light store that gives you more. Our experts are here to help you choose the best lighting for every nook and cranny of your home.

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