Back to School Preparations

Aug 18th 2016 Staff

It’s that time of year again. Summer is almost over and it is time to go back-to-school shopping and get the kids back on an early schedule. Start the new school year off right by getting organized and creating a space dedicated to helping your kids succeed.

Get Organized

Between school, other activities, family time, and dinner, keeping everything on schedule can be difficult for any parent. Here are some organizational tips to help make the daily routine run a bit smoother.

Hang a closet door shoe organizer in your kitchen pantry. Typical organizers hold about 15 pairs of shoes. If you add 2 organizers, that makes 30 pouches. This isn’t for shoes, however. Stuff each pouch with a juice box, fruit snacks, granola bars, chips, etc. so that half of your child’s lunch is prepared for the entire month. Each day make a sandwich and grab the snacks from the shoe organizer and you’re good to go.

Hang up a whiteboard calendar on the fridge to keep track of all the activities taking place with your family. From dance recitals to football practice and everything in between, you’ll have it all scheduled and planned. Consider adding a weekly whiteboard calendar to help plan for dinners and weekly shopping lists.

Get Focused

Help your child stay focused and organized on schoolwork for the entire year. Create a space in your home where they can finish their schoolwork without distractions. Find a quiet little nook in your home away from distracting technology like TVs, cellphones, tablets, and video games.

Add a desk, folder organizers, and plenty of pens and pencils to the new study space. Make sure the room has plenty of lighting so your child doesn’t strain their eyes doing homework. If lighting seems like it could be an issue, consider adding a desk lamp or a floor lamp to illuminate the space and help your child focus on the work at hand.

Make “Back to School” time easier these organizational tips to stay focused and less stressed. For more lighting ideas, stop by Hortons at one of our three convenient locations.

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