Brighten up your home and leave winter’s doom and gloom outside

Feb 23rd 2016 Staff

We are in the home stretch—winter is almost over! The past few months have been filled with short days, dark nights, and chilling cold weather. With blooming spring and warmer months in our sights, here are some tips to brighten up your home.

  • Using white and soft pastel colors will brighten any room and give off a clean, refreshing tone.
    •In your living space, try adding some soft pastel throw pillows or blankets to keep you warm while also brightening your space.
    •In your kitchen and bathroom, decorate with chrome fixtures to keep the crisp, clean feel flowing through your home.
    •Adding accent mirrors throughout your home serve as a beautiful decoration while also brightening the space when light bounces off of the glass.
    •Also, try opening up window curtains during the day to let as much light in as you can. For dark nights, consider installing recessed lighting or track lighting to keep your living area bright and comfortable.
  • If you’re looking for bigger home-improvement projects, consider creating an open floor plan, adding more windows, installing glass doors, or putting in a skylight.

    Spring may be just around the corner, but until then lighten and refresh your home from the bleakness of winter’s long months. Click here to browse our home décor options that can brighten your home.

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