Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Aug 24th 2017 Staff

When it comes to accenting your style with home lighting, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece that draws the setting together. Unfortunately, many homeowners make three common mistakes when picking a light fixture. Avoid making these mistakes yourself and be on your way to a well lit and very put-together home!

Wrong Light Fixture Size

Probably the most common mistake people make when it comes to home lighting is choosing a light fixture that is the wrong size for the space. In a large spacious living room, a small table lamp is not going to do the trick. Likewise, a giant crystal chandelier would not fit well in a small office space. Choosing light fixtures that will complement the space will improve the atmosphere and provide optimal functionality. Rather than a single table lamp in a living room, consider mixing track lighting or recessed lights with a separate table lamp and floor lamp. This will allow for different lighting levels to be used for different activities such as family game night or simply watching a movie. In the home office, you also need a specific light fixture dedicated to lighting your workspace. A table lamp would be the perfect fit and if the office space is larger adding a flush mount with dimmer switches would allow you to adjust the lighting easily.

Paint and Furniture Don’t Match

Another common mistake people make with lighting their home is choosing light fixtures that do not complement the paint color and furniture that they already have in their space. Paint colors and the amount of furniture you have in your space can greatly affect how well a light fixture performs in the room. A typical rule of thumb when it comes to wall paint is that lighter colors work better with brighter light fixtures. This combination can also make your room feel more spacious! Also, if you have large furniture or just a lot of furniture, chances are that light fixtures will not function as well because the light will not bounce effectively and may create shadows.

Choosing Energy Inefficient Lightbulbs

A last mistake that homeowners make with lighting their spaces is choosing lightbulbs that don’t provide the best qualities. Using LED lightbulbs within the home is a great way to save money on energy and total lightbulb purchases. Plus, you can choose your own desired warm or cool lighting tones.

At Hortons, our trained lighting professionals know exactly how to get the best lighting for any space in your home. Stop into one of our three convenient locations and ensure that you don’t make these common lighting mistakes in your home.

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