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Earth day is April 22nd! Prepare your home by going green with energy efficient LED lighting.

Earth day is all about making environmentally-friendly choices that will benefit and improve the place we call our home. In honor of this green holiday, why not make your home a little greener, too?

LED lights are quickly transforming the way people see light bulbs. LED lights bring many beneficial cards to the table that regular fluorescent light bulbs can’t compete with when it comes to going green and choosing more energy efficient options.

• LED lights will give you the biggest bang for your buck. While LED lights are more expensive, they can last almost ten times longer than regular light bulbs.

• LED lights also can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions because of their energy efficiency.

• Lighting contributes to about 20% of electricity in typical homes. By switching to LED lighting, homes will save up to 5% of that electricity.

The choice is simple: go green! Horton’s can help with all of your LED lighting needs, so visit one of our stores today and have a very happy and green Earth Day.