Easy Home Update for the Holidays

Oct 28th 2016 Staff

The holidays are right around the corner! Is your home ready to take on the needs of your visiting guests? Don’t stress the day before family and friends are expected to arrive. Prepare your accommodations now and enjoy visiting with loved ones over the holidays.

One of the easiest updates that you can make for your home that will put guests at ease while visiting is a fresh and clean powder room. The powder room is one area of a home that often goes overlooked, even though it has a big job to handle during holiday visits. Here are a few tips to update your powder room and get it ready for the expected arrival of your guests:

  • A fresh coat of paint is always beneficial in cleaning up any space. With a warm paint color and a nice finish, your bathroom will be on its way to looking cleaner and ready to welcome holiday guests.
  • Lay down some fresh linens. A new fluffy bathroom rug here, some window covers there and voila! Your powder room will be feeling well-put together and more like a spa-retreat.
  • Updating the light fixtures in your powder room is one of the easiest ways to get it looking brighter and cleaner. Pair a sconce fixture with a mirror, and your powder room will be feeling larger as well.
  • If your powder room has cabinetry holding up your sink, another easy update is to swap out the handles or knobs. Replacing old and twisty handles will make cabinets more functional and allow for a sleeker look.
  • Add some festive decorations to incorporate the holidays into your bathroom design. During Thanksgiving, consider adding a cinnamon candle and figurines of turkeys and pilgrims. During Christmas, spruce up your powder room with a miniature Christmas tree.
  • With your powder room freshly updated, it will be ready to accommodate the needs of holiday guests. For more lighting ideas to update your powder room, visit your local Hortons today!

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