Feel at home in your new house

Jul 14th 2016 Staff

Moving into a new home is exciting! Check out these great tips for make your new house feel a little homier.

Colors and patterns are a new home’s best friend. Personalize your new house with your own unique style. Add colorful paintings or pillows and rugs with interesting patterns that reflect your style and make your home feel more like yours. Don’t forget to paint the walls to match your bedding and furniture!

Get comfortable. Roll out your favorite fluffy blanket and unwind after a long day of unpacking with your slippers and favorite movies.

Fill your home with your favorite photos of family, friends, vacations and memories.

Make small updates wherever you see fit. Not too happy with the kitchen faucet? Change it! Hate that grubby looking porch light? Update it with something that you love.

Finding your dream home is exciting! Now make it your own with small yet effective alterations. Congratulations on your new home and remember you can count on Hortons to help you with all of your home lighting needs!

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