Festive Fall Decorating

Sep 16th 2016 Staff

Fall is finally in the air! Leaves are changing colors and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Not only are these elements a great way to kickstart fall, they’re also a great way to accentuate your home. Bring festive fall indoors with these fun decorating ideas.

  • Colorful Leaves – What’s more fall than the changing colors of leaves? Incorporating colorful leaves into your home is the perfect way to bring the heart of fall indoors. String together colored paper leaf cut outs or fallen leaves from your own backyard trees to create a beautiful leafy banner for your fireplace’s mantel. Maybe consider giving your porch light a companion this season by making your own autumn-themed wreath with pinecones, colorful leaves and hay.
  • Pumpkin Spice – Just as the pumpkin spice latte has filled our hearts with joy, so can pumpkin spice up our home décor and bring the beauty of fall indoors. Mini-pumpkins and colorful gourds are great elements to add to your home during the fall season. Create festive table centerpieces with some dried corn, mini-pumpkins, gourds, hay, electronic tea light candles, and whatever else inspires you. Dress up your shelves and windowsills with these perfect little pumpkins too. For a larger project, consider hollowing out mini-pumpkins to create candle holders. If that hasn’t satisfied your pumpkin spice craving, get creative with your own pumpkin decorations and accentuate them with the proper lighting. Put your own DIY pumpkin piece directly under your canned lighting or on the end tables next to your desk lamp to highlight your festive autumn work of art.
  • Autumn is a wonderful season filled with colorful elements that can accentuate your home. For more lighting ideas that can help bring your fall décor to life, shop Hortons online!

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