Your baby’s nursery is a place of comfort, care, and compassion, so you no doubt want it to be perfect for your new arrival. So when you are planning to decorate, many things should reflect this, no matter the size of the room. But where do you begin? With paint? Wallpaper? Lighting? It can all be pretty stressful, all things considered.

Here are some great ideas for decorating your baby’s nursery, no matter how big the space you are planning.

Choose a Color Palette

Picking the color of your nursery shouldn’t cause too much stress. So when deciding on what colors you will use, just use complimentary color decisions. That is, pick colors that, when paired and mixed together correctly and in the right proportion, produce whites and blacks. Then when not mixed and placed next to each other, appear the most strikingly different and reinforce each other. For reference, use a modern day color wheel for help.

Simple Contemporary Art

A great way of decorating baby’s room without breaking the bank is to frame pages from old children’s books in wonderfully stunning frames. You can even use them as inspiration for teaching your baby to read by framing them in such a way that they tell a story. To achieve this, trying hanging 6-8 of them in block succession from left to right. The result will look like pages from a book as you flip through, and will add stylistic flair.

Lighting Your Nursery

Lighting in your new nursery should be soothing when necessary and bright when needed, while remaining soft and comforting throughout. This can be achieved by including several lighting solutions. Try hanging a stylish pendent light from the ceiling attached to a dimmer switch so that you can control the mood for each situation. For a softer and more intimate glow, have a secondary light near the crib for storytime and changing. Remember, even simple lighting can be stylish, so don’t be afraid to experiment. With a little bit planning (and lots of love), you can create the nursery you’ve always wanted.