The options for outdoor lighting are endless, but with all of the different sizes and styles it can be daunting to pick out the perfect lighting for your needs. With the summer months in full swing, having your outdoor areas well lit can increase the time spent outside and the safety of your home. There are four major reasons for updating your lighting that can help determine the best options for your property.

Security & Safety
When the temperatures rise, the crime rates unfortunately rise with them. One way to protect your family and belongings is by using the proper exterior lighting around your home. Having a well lit home is proven to deter intruders. Motion sensor lights can also be installed to draw attention to any trespassers. Another functional use for lighting is for safety around your home. When guests arrive to your home, whether walking up the sidewalk or around your yard, having well-lit pathways is essential for safety.

Accent lighting can add drama and an additional layer of visual interest to the exterior of your home. By utilizing the correct lights to emphasize landscaping, water features and architectural details, it can draw the eye to different areas of your outdoors that you would like to highlight. Spot lights that are focused on those details can accomplish this.

Whether you are attempting to create romance or comfort, lighting can play a key role in determining a certain mood in your outdoor space. By strategically placing lighting along shrubbery you can create a soft glow while also adding enough light for the area. Stake lights with a lantern feel can add a sense of style as well as a sense of warmth around your yard. Lastly, hanging string lights can create a sophisticated style while adding a fair amount of light over your patio.

By using a combination of lighting features, your home can be stylish and well protected! If you need assistance with placement, type or style, Hortons is your one stop shop to light your way.