Home Decor Updates

Aug 18th 2016 Staff

Try some of these fun and inexpensive home improvement ideas for your home:

  • Touch up your place with a fresh coat of paint. Determine your color palette and stick with it throughout each room.
  • Keep shelves neat and organized with book shelves and drawers on end tables or coffee tables.
  • Incorporate a focus piece like a patterned chair or rug in each room and play the rest of the furniture off of it.
  • Add a nice glass-tile backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom to make it look clean and expensive.
  • Change out light fixtures for something more elegant. Instead of a dusty pendant over the dining room table, consider a beautiful chandelier.
  • Update your living room with light dimmers that allows your family to enjoy a movie in a warm glow.
  • Hang paintings and artwork that accentuate the space and add some flavor to the room.
  • Place decorative pillows on chairs and sofas to draw attention to the space and make it look inviting.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Find your favorite pieces at Hortons that will make your house look elegant and expensive. Visit us today!

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