Finding the right lighting for any room in your home can seem intimidating. While it’s obvious that a large chandelier wouldn’t make any sense in a bathroom, finding fixtures that mesh well with your space and improves its overall look can still be very difficult. Consider the following tips to choosing the perfect light fixture for your space.

Create the perfect temperature and warmth for your space by choosing the right light fixtures. Living rooms and dining rooms tend to be a cozier place in your home so add light fixtures that are not overpowering and blinding. Light fixtures that are dimmer will make the space more suitable for its everyday functions. If you like the light fixtures that you currently have in these spaces but want to tone down the brightness, consider adding dimmer switches. Bathrooms and kitchens, on the other hand, are where you want brighter lighting. Canned lighting and brighter fixtures are the way to go so you can always see what you’re doing.

Make sure your light fixtures are at the right height. In the dining room, make sure your pendant lights and chandeliers are low enough over the dining table so they can illuminate your meal but not too low that they disrupt vision and communication. Floor lamps in the office and living room are a great way to get additional lighting. Make sure your lamps are not bulky and take up too much of your living space but also that they’re not too small to be beneficial as floor lamps.

In home design, certain light fixtures mesh better with certain spaces. Keep the following pairs in mind when updating your own light fixtures in your home. Pendant lights, undercabinet lights and recessed lighting are prime for the kitchen. Track lighting and floor lamps are a perfect pair for the office and living room. Chandeliers can elegantly illuminate your dining room. Ceiling fans and table lamps create a cozy feel in bedrooms. Sconces and flush mounts are ideal for the bathroom.

If you’re still hesitant on how to adjust your lighting to fit your space, head on over to Hortons! At our three convenient locations, we are happy to help you find the perfect interior lighting for your home.