How to Revamp Your Room on a Budget

Oct 30th 2015 Staff

Breathing life into a tired looking room doesn’t need to mean breaking the bank. There are simple changes that can make your space come to life almost instantly. Here are a few money saving tips.

  1. Paint: Dingy paint that doesn’t match your current décor can make a room look out of place. Add continuity and instantly brighten the space with a fresh coat of paint. If you are feeling brave, painting an accent wall is another great way to create a punch of color in an inexpensive way. Ace Hardware is a great place to find a variety of paint at an affordable price.
  2. Accessorize: The key to properly accessorizing is to avoid over-accessorizing. Choose 3-4 items to add to the space that enhances your room’s accent color. For example: if you choose a sage as the color for your accent wall, punch it up by adding sage accessories. Hobby and craft stores often have unpainted wooden frames and bowls that can be purchased for less than $10! Buy a good old fashion craft paint, and brush and voila, you have a great accessory for your space for less than $15. The same craft and hobby stores often carry fabrics. Take an old pillow in your home and revamp it by sewing a new sage cover to throw on your couch. Another great, inexpensive accessory could be adding curtains. Again, these could be easily sewn from the same material purchased for your throw pillow.
  3. Lighting: Having only one source of light in a room can create a startling juxtaposition. By adding a variety of lighting to your space you can create an ambiance for your room. There are affordable ways to remedy stark lighting. Lighting stores often have annual or semi-annual sales where you can buy a variety of lighting for a great price. Simply adding a light on the ceiling, tabletop, and perhaps a floor lamp or two provides a smoother, more visually pleasing lighting effect to any space.

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