Illuminate Holiday Spirit

Nov 29th 2016 Staff

The Christmas tree is decorated, the stockings are hung upon the fireplace, and the garland is wrapped around the staircase handrail. There seems to be something missing… This Holiday Season, highlight your Christmas decorating with these fun DIY lighting ideas.

Exterior Lighting

Stringing outdoor Christmas lights is the ultimate way to decorate for Christmas each year. Instead of breaking your back trying to hang lights from the roof of your home, we’ve found a simpler way to get the beautiful look of Christmas on your home’s exterior.

If your home has a front porch railing and supporting beams, wrap the string of lights around each post and rail to get a beautiful light display at the front of your house. For homes surrounded by fencing, illuminate the space with lights hung upon the fence posts. Don’t forget about your wall mounts and post lights! Change out lightbulbs with festive colors like red and green to get in the holiday spirit. Also, consider adding Christmas lights over the trim of your front door and garage door to greet guests as they arrive.

If your home has more plant life and shrubs, wrap the string of lights around tree trunks and bushes. For blowup and lawn decorations, consider adding a spotlight to highlight Santa’s rosy cheeks and Rudolf’s red nose. Also, highlight your door’s hanging wreath with the addition of string lights throughout the pine needles.

Interior Lighting

String lights aren’t only for outdoor decorating. Bring them inside your home as well! Hang lights upon the fireplace to illuminate the stockings. String lights around your kitchen’s backsplash or counter island. Change lamp lightbulbs with red or green lights similar to your exterior mounts and posts.

Need a new table centerpiece? In a festive Christmas bowl, place ornaments and battery-powered string lights. Highlight your favorite home decorating pieces like picture frames by wrapping them with string lights. Over door archways, hang ribbon and light wrapped garland to add more holiday cheer to your home. Brighten bookshelves with string lights and decorative snow. In your home’s windows, place timed, battery-operated electronic candles to ramp up the Christmas spirit.

For more Christmas decorating ideas, visit the Christmas Shoppe at our La Grange location. Happy Holidays from your friends at Hortons!

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