Is your backyard Independence Day ready?

Jun 8th 2016 Staff

Independence Day is fast approaching…That means fireworks and celebrations! Check out these simple preparation tips to get you started for planning a 4th of July backyard party.

Landscape: Cut the grass, water the flowers and take preventative steps to hinder those pesky bugs.

Illuminate: Add some summer fun with tiki torches. If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, consider adding some outdoor lighting.

Seating: Make sure you have plenty of seats to accommodate your guests. From picnic tables and Adirondack chairs to patio furniture, keep it festive!

Menu: Plan ahead for the meal that you want to serve. We suggest grilling out, because what’s more American than a good-old barbecue?

Decorate: Hang up an American flag. Add red, white and blue accent decorations to your party space. Don’t forget the sparklers!

With your festive party a success and your guests in a comfy seat with bellies full of barbecue, you can relax, enjoy the holiday, and watch some fireworks.

Hortons can help you prepare for your party with patio furniture and landscape lighting. Find a location.

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