Is your office spoiling your health?

Nov 29th 2017 Staff

With the days being shorter, we all feel that mental slump and lack of productivity to get work done. But don’t blame the winter blues! Your office space could be a major contributor that is affecting your health. If your home office or workplace is poorly lit, you may not be receiving enough lighting, which can put a damper on your mood. Here are a few easy tricks to brighten your workspace so that you can feel like yourself again!

Task Performance Lighting

One of the most important ways to perk up your office for better work performance is with task lighting. The best types of lighting for work function are table lamps and floor lamps. These lamps are often placed directly over your desk or work space highlighting the work you are trying to complete. Better visibility and lighting while trying to complete these close-up tasks allows you to stay focused and get the work done. Having a dedicated and lighted space allows you to get the work done and gain a feeling of accomplishment thus boosting your mood during the long winter months.

Atmosphere Lighting

For the more social based tasks that come with getting work done in your office space, ideal atmosphere lighting is essential. Poor lighting makes communication difficult, adding stress in the conversation and may have poor results. To avoid this, incorporate light dimmers into your office so that you can control the brightness of the room. Being able to adjust the overhead lighting of your ceiling lights or recessed lights provides for functionality in different settings. Having the right atmosphere lighting to accomplish different tasks will increase productivity and mood.

With your office space properly lit with the right task performance lighting and atmosphere lighting, you will be on your way to boosting the overall mood during the short winter days. For the best light fixtures to brighten your work space, visit your local Hortons or shop online today!

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