JUNE 2010: Bath Lighting Fixtures

Oct 28th 2015 Staff

Bath lighting fixtures were not always a concern, since bathrooms were once small rooms designed with a single purpose. Today's bath space, however, is a versatile extension of the bedroom. It is a multi-functional room where residents can relax in jetted tubs, apply makeup, prepare for the day, or enjoy privacy and solitude.

Selecting Bath Lighting Fixtures and Bathroom Vanity Lighting

As you begin to light your bath space, try to select fixtures, switch plates and vanity accessories that complement one another. Since bathrooms are relatively small compared to other home spaces, it's important that they look cohesive rather than overwhelming and "busy."

Whether you're building a new home or renovating an old one, pay special attention to bathroom lighting schemes. Begin by selecting ambient lighting for the room--including bathroom ceiling lights and recessed cans. These fixtures should softly illuminate the bath, while leaving room for the addition of task lighting around sinks, tubs and closets. Bath lighting fixtures should also enhance other bathroom accessories--like tub tile, paint, wallpaper, shower curtains and plumbing.

After creating a welcoming, overhead glow in your bathroom, select bathroom vanity lighting, track lighting and task lamps that are bright and functional--and won't overwhelm other accessories. When in doubt, opt for a clean, contemporary look rather than an ornate, elegant style. Contemporary designs are timeless--and keep small spaces from looking overly cluttered.

Purchasing Bath Lighting Fixtures

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