JUNE 2010: Kitchen Lighting Design

Oct 28th 2015 Staff

As one of your home's highest traffic areas, the kitchen is not only used for cooking and eating--but also for socializing and connecting as a family. That's why it's important to spend time selecting and installing a quality kitchen lighting design.

Types of Kitchen Lighting Design

Like other rooms, your kitchen lighting design will be most effective when created with a variety of fixture styles, including ambient fixtures, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative choices. Choose one or more kitchen ceiling lights or chandeliers for overall, ambient illumination, and consider installing track lighting fixtures to assist with tasks. Adjustable, under-cabinet track lights can be directed where they're most needed, making it easy to chop vegetables, read a recipe or keep an eye on the stove. In small kitchen spaces, track lighting fixtures can even serve as both ambient and task lighting.

After using ambient kitchen ceiling lights and task lights to create a warm, functional mood, select some accent fixtures to highlight china cabinets, artwork and wall hangings. Wall sconces are a low-voltage option for accent lighting, as are indoor spotlights.

Getting Help With Kitchen Lighting Design

Certified lighting specialists can help you create a lighting scheme that's both practical and beautiful. To talk with a consultant in your area visit at Hortons Home Lighting store, specializing in consumer design ideas for homes and businesses.

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