JUNE 2010: Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Oct 28th 2015 Staff

Landscape lighting fixtures are an affordable, simple way to (1) enhance your home's architectural look, (2) create a comfortable outdoor entertaining area and (3) maintain safety for residents and guests. If you're unsure about how to select outdoor security lighting and outdoor garden lighting, however, it's best to consult an illumination specialist.

Tips for Selecting Landscape Lighting Fixtures

There are many different options in outdoor garden lighting, including:

  • In-ground lights: Useful in tight spaces or areas where guests might trip over protruding fixtures, in-ground lights can be mounted in soil or concrete.
  • Outdoor security lighting: Helpful for preventing crime and vandalism on your property, security lights come in a variety of styles. Common choices include bright, outdoor floods and sensor lights that turn on with nearby motion.
  • Underwater outdoor garden lighting: Used to accent ponds, pools and waterfalls, these super-bright LEDs are submersible--and come in attractive, color-changing styles that augment the night beauty of your water features.
  • Outdoor Garden Lighting: Use spotlights in your garden to highlight statuary, trees and specific architectural features, or opt to add a warm glow to your landscaping with subtle accent lights. Solar-powered landscape lighting fixtures work well for emphasizing pathways and garden areas--and they're eco-friendly, as well.

Find Design Tips Online

As a member of American Lighting Association, it's our goal at Hortons Home Lighting to assist you in selecting landscape lighting fixtures and outdoor security lighting that will enhance your home's beauty and safety. Browse our lighting articles for design tips, fixture descriptions and more.

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