JUNE 2010: Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Oct 28th 2015 Staff

Outdoor landscape lighting is an effective way to improve both your home's curb appeal and its security. When carefully selected and installed, decorative outdoor lighting offers a number of aesthetic and functional benefits.

Aesthetic Advantages of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor patio lights, solar-powered lights and spotlights enhance the look of your home in several ways. First, they highlight your home's beauty at night, giving you the opportunity to accent flowers, plants and architectural features normally hidden after dark. In addition, outdoor landscape lighting can:

  • Give a dramatic look to swimming pools, fountains, statuary and garden accessories
  • Provide a comfortable, relaxed setting for evening barbecues and social gatheringsCreate an intimate mood in garden areas and small courtyards

Practical Advantages to Outdoor Landscape Lighting

In addition to creating the perfect look for your yard and garden, decorative outdoor lighting also improves the safety and functionality of your property by:

  • Illuminating outdoor cooking and dining spaces
  • Deterring prowlers from vandalizing or breaking into your home
  • Enhancing the value of your property and improving resale and rental opportunities
  • Improving resident and guest safety by illuminating hard-to-see steps, rock walls and landscaping features

Find a Decorative Outdoor Lighting Showroom

Don't settle for the cheap lights stocked by big box stores. Instead, find a certified lighting specialist who can help you choose beautiful, high-quality outdoor patio lights, pathway illumination, floodlights and underwater lighting. Visit a Hortons Home Lighting store for tips on choosing your outdoor landscape lighting.

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