JUNE 2010: Track Lighting Fixtures

Oct 28th 2015 Staff

Rather than relying on ceiling fixtures and recessed cans to illuminate your home, experiment with track lighting fixtures in kitchens, living areas and bedrooms. Track lighting is a practical way to light small, hard-to-reach areas while highlighting furnishings, artwork and work areas. This style of lighting is particularly suited to new homes and contemporary renovations, but fixtures are also available in more traditional designs.

Advantages of Track Lighting Fixtures for Kitchens

When refining your kitchen lighting design, track systems offer several benefits.

  • They supply general, ambient lighting, but are also adaptable enough to provide directed illumination for cooking spaces and task areas.
  • Track lighting fixtures can be customized to fit any room shape and size, since the tracks contain continuous electrical wiring.
  • Since power can be pulled from existing energy efficient lighting fixtures, track heads are easy to install during remodels and renovations.
  • No matter what the proportions of your kitchen, track heads come in a variety of sizes to suit the space.

Beyond Kitchen Lighting Design

While track lighting fixtures work well in kitchens, they're well-suited to bathroom design, as well. Providing bright, multi-directional illumination, track heads can be aimed at mirrors, vanities and other areas requiring directed light. For more tips on how to install functional energy efficient lighting in your home, visit at Hortons Home Lighting store.

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