Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Apr 29th 2016 Staff

With the warming weather, it is easy to see that summer is fast approaching! Is your outdoor living space ready for you to enjoy those warm and starry summer nights?

Check out these lighting tips to get your backyard or patio ready:

  • Your patio is a great place to sip your coffee on cool summer mornings, but it can also be a great place to enjoy other activities at night too. Use post lighting if you plan on fencing in your patio. If your patio is already fenced in, consider light mounts that you can attach to your existing posts. These updates can make your patio more convenient for outdoor activities at night like barbecuing.
  • If you have stairs leading from your patio out into your yard, you hold the risk of falling at night when you can’t see the steps. Add step lighting to your patio to illuminate this area and make it safer for family members and guests.
  • In your garden, incorporate path lighting or well lights to showcase your summer’s greenery. These kind of lighting installations also help brighten your walkway.

Use a combination of these lighting options to make the most of your outdoor living space this summer.

Hortons has a wide variety of outdoor lighting for your backyard and patio needs. Find a store near you!

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