Lighting Your Writing Area

Jul 18th 2016 Staff

You may not have the next great American novel, but you still have a great idea for a book, and if you have the time to write it, it's important to have a dedicated writing space in your home. Every great writer had a desk or a corner of the house where they jotted down notes or sat at their typewriter for hours on end, creating stories and characters that would live forever. One important aspect of your writing space that cannot be overlooked is the lighting. Without proper lighting in your home office, you can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes and your writing space may not be as inviting as comfortable as it could be. At Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange, we can help you create the ideal lighting design and pick the appropriate fixtures for your home office.

Overhead Fixtures

When picking the overhead fixtures for your writing space, you'll want a light or lights that won't cast unwanted shadows or create distracting glare on your computer screen. Unless you're working on a traditional typewriter, you'll want a light that helps your eyes, not causes undue strain on them. You want a light that's bright enough to help you write at night, but that doesn't make the space look too sterile. You want your writing area to be comfortable and inviting.

Desk Lamps

When you're not looking at your computer screen, trying to connect words and phrases into workable sentences, you most likely have a notepad or another device next to your computer, where you take notes about characters, plot lines, and other story-related items. An appropriate desk lamp can help you see exactly what you're writing, and can also provide enough light should you wish to turn off the overhead fixture for a short time. Writing by lamplight used to be the norm, but now that we have modern electricity, it's best not to rely solely on your lamps for writing area illumination.

Reading Lights

Your inspiration for your story most likely came from a book you read, and reading is one of the best ways a writer can come up with new ideas and see how other authors ply their craft. If you have a comfy chair or couch in your office where you like to sit and read, a new floor lamp or hanging light can provide adequate illumination. You may have a routine of reading for an hour and then writing for two hours, but whatever you prefer, it's important to constantly read, as well as have the right light by which to read.

If you're hoping to start on your first book soon, and need to create a comfortable and quiet spot where you can write uninterrupted, now is the time to begin thinking about your lighting design. The experts at Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange can help you pick out new fixtures and provide assistance on optimal light placement. We have a great inventory, and we know you'll find the ideal options!

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