Make a Backyard Retreat in Time for Summer

Apr 27th 2017 Staff

Summer is almost here and what better way to enjoy it than from the comfort of your own backyard. With these design tips, you can turn your backyard into a summer retreat and begin your own staycation!


When it comes to tying a backyard together, it’s best to start with the big picture and then work your way through the smaller details. In this case, hardscapes will be the biggest project. In your backyard oasis, do you have a porch, patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or fire pit? Whatever you choose, bring it to life with the help of pavers, and of course weather proof appliances like grills when possible.

Water Feature

Another big element that can really change a landscape into an outdoor retreat, is a water feature. Water features are both soothing in sight and sound, and depending on their size can be home to a variety of aesthetic fish and plant life. Including a fountain or pond in your backyard not only creates a soothing atmosphere but can provide a home to a variety of aesthetic fish and plant life.


Whether or not your outdoor retreat includes hardscapes and water features, plants are a definite must have in your backyard. Fresh, blooming flowers offer beautiful smells that put the mind at ease. Tall, willowy trees provide shade from the hot, midwest afternoon sun. Fruit and vegetable gardens also provide relaxation through their tending as well as delicious rewards.


No backyard retreat is complete without a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the view! From a cozy chair to cuddle up in and enjoy the bonfire to a functional lawn chair to sit poolside, Hortons has a large selection of outdoor patio furniture to complete the landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Top off your oasis with the perfect landscape lighting to highlight your space even after the sun has set. Add a ceiling fan / light fixture combination over your table settings for a family meal outdoors. Path lighting and step lights are also a necessary safety feature to enjoy the outdoors after dark. Finally, bring in the beauty of nature with well lights and accent lights directed to your favorite blooms and trees.

With the help of Hortons and a well-planned project, your backyard can become an instant retreat for your summer staycation.

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