MAY 2015: Everyday Elegance

Oct 30th 2015 Staff

Issue No. 56, May 2015

All it takes are a few well-chosen, sophisticated pieces to create an elegant, yet comfortable and inviting living space.

Top Trends

The "Better Show" recently showcased top lighting trends for homeowners that are highlighted in the 2015 issue of Lighting Magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens and the American Lighting Association. A nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show, "Better Show" focuses on a variety of issues related to home and family life.

View the segment to get beautiful interior lighting design ideas for your home.

Inspiring Ideas

The 2015 issue of Lighting magazine is the best go-to resource for home lighting and design inspiration. The magazine features before-and-after transformations that show how lighting can completely give your home a whole new look. Also included are many photos and design tips.

For example, did you know that a ceiling-hugging light fixture can make a room feel smaller than a hanging fixture? While a hanging fixture may take up more space, if it's delicate and airy, like a tiered crystal chandelier, it will make the space feel more open.

For more home lighting ideas, you may request a complimentary copy of Lighting from ALA, or simply view the magazine online. Lighting is also available for purchase on newsstands.

Expert Advice

Will leaving my ceiling fan on all the time, even if no one is in the room, help reduce my overall A/C expense?

No, a ceiling fan will not save energy if no one is in the room. Ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature of a room. They make us feel cooler by moving air over our skin, which increases evaporation of the moisture on our skin. Instead of running your AC at 72 degrees, a fan allows you to set your thermostat to 78, yet still feel as if it is about six degrees cooler. A fan costs pennies per day to operate versus dollars per day for the AC.

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