NOVEMBER 2013: Not Your Parents' Chandelier

Oct 30th 2015 Staff

Issue No. 42, November 2013

No longer just for the foyer or dining room. A chandelier can be an eye-turner for any space, including the bedroom, bathroom and closet.

Out of the Box

As home design has evolved, so has the traditional idea of the kinds of light fixtures that are appropriate for each room. For example, many master bedrooms are now like mini living environments for relaxing and reading, as well as sleeping. And, bathrooms have become larger, and guest areas are not just throwaway spaces anymore. That means decorating these spaces is no longer an afterthought either. The switch in home design, from pure function to aesthetics, is also driving the appearance of chandeliers in unexpected places. While homeowners want functional lighting, they also want it to look interesting and beautiful. In a guest powder room, a small chandelier can create a luxurious and pampered feel. A chandelier in a bedroom can add glamour and panache.

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Mix It Up

Want to mix a little traditional with a little modern? No problem, because today's decorating dictates a personality-driven décor and a lack of true rules. While chandeliers come in a range of styles, sizes and colors, the functions of chandeliers have certain commonalities. Their height and structure naturally pulls the eye up and around a room, creating movement.

Color or crystals, as well as the mix of materials, can add visual interest to chandeliers. As oversized furniture becomes less popular, the scale of contemporary chandeliers works better for newly streamlined spaces. Smaller furniture and smaller rooms create a larger sense of space.

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Expert Advice

What is the right height for hanging a chandelier over a table?

Don't hang the chandelier too high. A rule of thumb: Keep it about 30 inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the top of the table.

How do you gauge the best size fixture for a dining room?

Scale up the chandelier size for the dining room. It fills the space a little better when it's a touch larger. If it's a pipsqueak-size chandelier, it loses impact. If you really like a small chandelier, hang two next to each other.

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