Romantic Home Decorating

Jan 10th 2017 Staff

It’s that time of year again. Time to cozy up with your partner and remind each other of all the reasons why you are in love. While Valentine’s Day is easily the most romantic holiday of the year, why not take this time to decorate your home in a way that will provide a lasting romantic feel.

Everyone knows the saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. If diamonds are not in the budget this year, consider getting her the next best thing. Chandeliers are a great feature decoration to give your home a more romantic feel while also providing the ambiance of sparkly diamonds. Placing a beautiful crystal chandelier above your dining room table will be a great gift on Valentine’s Day and every day after. A chandelier will provide the perfect lighting for you and your partner while you enjoy dinner on this special occasion.

In the living room, there are many ways to add a romantic feel. If your home does not have a fireplace, consider placing scented candles around. Light them up and enjoy the evening with your partner watching your favorite romance movies. For a special touch, hang some photo frames of the two of you on empty walls or bookshelves to enhance the romantic feel and envelope yourselves in the love you share.

The bedroom is also a room that can always use a romantic boost. Spruce up the place with a dark paint color to make the room feel cozy and intimate. Add light dimmer switches to your existing light features so you can adjust the lighting to the perfect romantic setting. Top it all off with comfortable accent pieces like fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets to snuggle up with.

Looking for more romantic lighting ideas? Stop by your local Hortons and we can help you find the perfect piece for your home.

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