Spooky Halloween Lighting

Sep 15th 2016 Staff

Halloween is fast approaching! From the delicious treats to the creative costumes and all of the fun in between, make sure your yard decorations reflect the festive holiday spirit. Check out the following lighting tips to get a spooky Halloween feel in your own front yard.

After carving your pumpkin, don’t forget to add a light. Can it really be called a jack-o-lantern without one? Jack-o-lanterns are one of the most traditional Halloween decorations, however, these days you see carved pumpkins with no light! Rather than use actual candles and risk your pumpkin catching on fire, try using electronic tea lights. These electronic candles can be turned on at night to guide the trick-or-treaters to your front door and turned off during the day to save battery life. Not only are they efficient, but you’ll bring back the spooky Halloween feel that comes with jack-o-lanterns.

Another way to give your Halloween yard decorations a more spooky feel is by using spotlights. Strategically place spotlights to accentuate the ghost hanging around near your tree or highlight the engravings on the tombstones in your yard. Using spotlights are a great way to focus on your favorite Halloween yard decorations and bring out the spookiest elements of the night.

Black lights are another creative way to bring the spooky feel back to your Halloween yard decorations. One way to use black lights is with your white skeleton decorations. Place a black light near a skeleton and they will brighten and glow in the dark, creating a very eerie look. Also consider changing out your porch and lamppost light bulbs with black light bulbs to further create that spooky Halloween feel.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the creepy and haunted feeling that come with strobe lights! Pair your strobe lights with a fog machine and set up graveyard decorations to make your yard feel like the spookiest on the block. Trick-or-treaters will love the adventurous feeling that they’ll receive as they walk up to your front door looking for candy. Your Halloween decorating skills will be the talk of the neighborhood!

If you need any lighting help to perfect your Halloween yard décor, stop on in to your local Hortons and we’ll get you fitted with the perfect elements.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Hortons!

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