Things to do with kids at home during winter break

Dec 22nd 2016 Staff

At this point in winter break, kids are sure to say “Mommy I’m bored” or “Dad there’s nothing to do at home”. Put their complaints to an end with these activities to do with kids at home to finish off their winter break with a bang and also help you get some housework done.

1. Hold a pretend cooking class within your own kitchen. Teach your students important cooking skills while you prepare a meal for the entire family.

2. Update that room in your house you’ve been meaning to get to with the help of your kids. Throw on a new coat of paint, rearrange some furniture’ update the ceiling fans or light fixtures and voila!

3. Have your kids help you with your routine home checks. Show them how to replace furnace filters, lightbulbs, and do laundry.

4. Make DIY home decorations. Consider water color coffee mugs, painted clay pots or simply just hang kids artwork and photo frames around the house.

5. If your kids are feeling really ambitious, have them do other small chores around the house like cleaning their room, washing the dishes, and vacuuming for a reward of family game night or an indoor picnic.

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