Turning Your Dad into a Grill Master

May 25th 2017 Staff

Is your dad the master of the grill? With Father’s Day quickly approaching, a new grill is sure to be on the top of his wish list! With the weather warming up and the nights getting longer, turning to the outdoors for your dinner can be the perfect way to savor the summer. When choosing a gift for your dad, use these tips to pick the perfect grill and accessories based on his needs!

The Great Debate: Gas or Charcoal

There is a significant difference in how he will have to cook based on the type of grill you buy. To decide on the type perfect for the dad in your life consider the benefits of each. A gas grill’s main attraction is convenience. Gas grills are easy to use and at a turn of a knob you create immediate heat that is easy to adjust and maintain. The clean up is also much easier with the help of a metal brush. If the majority of your family’s grilling will be done after a hard days work and you’re looking for fast cooking and ease of use a gas grill will be the best choice. In contrast, charcoal grills may take a little more time and maintenance, but the major difference is the flavor. Although the warm up and attention to detail takes more time, the smoky flavor that charcoal provides is unmatched. Charcoal grills create dry, white-hot heat that sears meat quickly, creating a crusty caramelized smoky flavor. This does provide a challenge for food that might need less heat, but with the correct placement of the charcoal, you can leave an area that will get the residual heat and maintain the smoky flavor. If your Dad likes to spend his weekends outside watching the grill, and flavor is most important to your pops, a charcoal grill is the better choice!

Find a Perfect Fit

When looking at both charcoal and gas grills, there is a large variety of sizes to choose from. Cooking area is the most important factor. A typical grill will feature around 15-24 inches of cooking space, which should be sufficient for the average household. If you entertain often or have a larger family, upsizing your grill will be worth the investment. Another factor will be the size patio you have at home. For safety reasons, the grill should be at least 3 feet from your house. Some grills also have side shelves that extend the size. Lastly is budget: the larger the grill, the higher the price, so keeping in mind your budget is also important.

The Finishing Touch

There are a few must-have accessories to complete your purchase. A grill cover increases the life of the grill and keeps the exterior clean, while a grill brush will make cleaning your grill a breeze! Next, if your family loves veggies or cooks a lot of a fish there are grill baskets that are perfect for those delicate items. The final accessory to complete your purchase is a “Grill Master” apron… although this isn’t mandatory for use, it’s sure to give the neighbors a laugh!

Happy Father’s Day from Hortons and remember to stop into our La Grange location for the best prices, hundreds of options, free assembly and the expert advice you need from trained grilling experts!

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